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Self-taught Artist

As a young girl, Glory had always found her solace and pleasure in doing art. Apart from those school years, her contact with art in her adulthood was nonetheless minimal. She attempted several drawings in oil pastels some years back to express the impressions in her heart. With no prior art training, they looked completely amateurish.


In 2016, she was in a season of praying intensely into God’s calling for her life when she stumbled upon a secondhand book titled “The Creative Heart” by Kerrie Christensen. The book has divinely transformed her perspectives towards art and creativity. She is convinced that God wants to inspire us as Kingdom creatives through a myriad of creative ways to reveal Jesus to the world around us. She started a prophetic blog soon after she finished the book. It was about this same time when she was also introduced to a veteran prophetic artist who later started a beginner art class. Glory was further inspired to paint God’s messages and did more self-learning to upgrade her skill sets. Until then, she has not held a paintbrush in her hands for decades!


Her faith journey begins then in 2017. You are now looking at the start of her journey when she is still learning to paint and co-create with God, the Master Artist and Creator. She desires to be a prophetic voice to make God’s heart known through artistic expressions. It is her heartfelt prayer that the glory of God will be imprinted on every created art piece!

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