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Arise, Prophetic Eagles!

Title: Arise, Prophetic Eagles!

Medium: Acrylic

Size [L x B] in cm: 45.5 x 45.5

Completed: 2018

Price: S$850 (Sold)

Event: Be Art Exhibition 2018

Remark: Canvas print is available upon order

This is a painting to express the importance of understanding and discerning the times and seasons of the Lord. I believe this is the role of every individual; not just the prophets, to know the divine timing and purposes of God.

I was praying some years ago when the Lord suddenly asked if I was living according to His timing. I knew that He was highlighting to me the need to discern and realign to His times.

We are living in a time of realignment with Heaven’s agenda and Kingdom advancement. As believers, we are constantly being invited to partner with the Lord for the fulfillment of His Kingdom’s plan. God wants our active participation to fulfill His bigger dreams!

God is deeply concerned about the destinies of individuals and nations. Let us position ourselves to be like the eagles who have a sharp vision and an acute sense of God’s timing. The ability to see what He sees is crucial for us to fulfill His will on the earth.

Let the Prophetic Eagles arise for such a time like this!

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