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Carry His Scent

Title: Carry His Scent

Medium: Acrylic

Size [L x B] in cm: 45.5 x 45.5

Completed: 2018

Price: S$700 (Sold)

Event: Be Art Exhibition 2018

Remark: Canvas print is available upon order

I like roses for its beauty and sweet scent. This painting is both a prayer and reminder for us to carry the beauty and fragrance of Christ everywhere we go.

Our life is the platform to represent Christ and reflect His nature to the world. When we carry the pure scent of Christ, people will be able to know and experience the love of the Father, His ways and His heart. They will know Him through His revealed sons and daughters! They will recognize that you and I have been with Jesus. They will be able to smell the scent of life and Heaven when they are around you.

Let us therefore carry the scent of Christ and impact the world around us for His glory!

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