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Give Me Dove’s Eyes

Title: Give Me Dove’s Eyes

Medium: Acrylic

Size [L x B] in cm: 61 x 45.5

Completed: 2018

Price: S$900

Event: Be Art Exhibition 2018

Remark: Canvas print is available upon order

Doves have singular vision and can only focus on one thing at a time. I have painted "Give Me Dove's eyes" to depict our constant love and undistracted focus on Jesus.

In John 12, Mary lavishly poured an alabaster jar of perfume on Jesus' feet. Her sacrificial act of worship for Jesus was undeniably extravagant. While true worship like this may look radical and unacceptable to some, it is very precious to our Lord. True worship touches the heart of God. Mary had set her eyes firmly on the Lord and remained unfazed by the people around her. This is what true worship looks like.

Like Mary, we need to fix our eyes totally and steadfastly on Jesus. We all need Dove's eyes; to be captivated in reverent awe and love for Jesus.

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