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The Call To Rise Up!

Title: The Call To Rise Up!

Medium: Acrylic

Size [L x B] in cm: 40.5 x 30

Completed: 2017

Event: Enter Art Exhibition 2017

Remark: Only canvas print is available upon order

Today, the world is frustrated and groaning with pains of adversity. What people needs is not another form of religion but a demonstration of the Spirit and love of God. It is imperative for the sons and daughters of God to rise up and walk in our Kingdom identity and authority!

This painting reminds us to see ourselves the way God sees us. You are Heaven's royalty living on earth. The same Spirit of God that rested on Jesus lives on the inside of you (Isaiah 11:2). You can walk in the fullness of the Spirit and impact the world with His presence and power.

Will you answer the call to rise up to your sonship and partner with God for uncommon exploits and miracles? The world is waiting…

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